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Tips for Safe Driving with Cell Phones

On the Road: Keep Technology Hazards at Bay

The U.S. is a nation comprised of high-speed multi-taskers. But multi-tasking while you’re driving? If you can’t logically sort it out for yourself there are plenty of studies that show any distraction that interrupts a driver’s concentration is potentially dangerous. Take your eyes off the road for a second and incidents can happen.

In an effort to hammer into drivers’ heads the issues attached to driving while talking or texting on a cell phone, insurance companies, businesses and corporations, private non-profit safety organizations, and cell phone manufacturers and wireless providers have all made valiant efforts to publicize the risks associated with these distractions.

General Tips for Driving Safer with Cell Phones

Tip lists for safe driving with cell phones range from simplistic to profoundly conservative. Corporate cell phone policies err on the side of conservative with extensive dos and don’ts intended to protect large corporations from dire economic liability. Most general safety lists include some or all of the following:

Distractions Everywhere

Anything that interrupts the driver’s concentration is potentially unsafe, that includes changing a CD, changing the radio station, eating, drinking, and carrying on a conversation with a passenger, among a list of other common practices.

Upsides to Cell Phones

Calling for Help.What about the upside to cell phones on the road? cell phone technology makes the timely reporting of emergencies a reality. Motorists also have the convenience of phoning for roadside assistance when stranded.

The Cellular and Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) maintains statistics relevant to cell phone users as well as the wireless industry. The company estimates that over 230,000 911 calls are logged each day from cell phone operators. Many of these calls are motorists. Before cell phones a motorist would have had to pull off the road and find a pay phone before a 911 emergency could be reported.

Saving a life is a significant benefit.

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