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Tips for Healthy Cell Phone Use

Lower Your Risk

Do cell phones pose a health risk or not? That is the perennial question that consumers all over the world wish to know. And they want results fast. The typical individual in the fast-paced, multi-tasking, 21 st century world demands speedy results. And fast results have already skewed the findings of many a “scientific” study on the topic of cell phone health risks. True scientific evidence takes years to discover. This is in direct opposition to the modern need for answers on the fly.

Should my kids be allowed to use cell phones? Evidence that proves a link between cell phone radio wave emissions and human health continues to be scientifically inconclusive. At the same time, consumer watchdog groups like Consumer Reports urges people to err on the side of caution in this respect.

Protect Your Family

The most common advice for consumers interested in cell phone health safety is:

The FTC offers a few more tips for cell phone health and safety:

Buyer Beware: Patches, Filters, and RF Shields

There are many unscrupulous ads that will try and sell you special cell phone filters and radio wave shields. Makers of shields and filters claim to reduce your exposure to cell phone emissions. Products like these are completely untested by any authoritative sources, so, buyer beware. In 2003 the Federal Trade Commission ordered a company, Interact Communications, to either halt sales of their cell phone shield, WaveShield, or include copy in their promotional advertising that corrected inaccuracies.

The WaveShield reportedly blocked over 95 percent of cell phone radio frequencies (RFs) and directed such dangerous waves away from users’ brains. The FTC argued convincingly that the company failed to inform consumers that a cell phone’s RFs are emitted from the antenna, the part on many phones that would not be “shielded” by Interact’s product.

When it comes to health and safety your family comes first. Read our article, “Get the Right Information,” for links to sources with further cell phone safety and health information.

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